ShadowWallet User License Agreement

Thank you for choosing ShadowWallet software and Services. Please read the terms below carefully. By clicking the "Create Account" button or using the service in other ways, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to any content of the terms of service, please do not register or use ShadowWallet service.

You agree that ShadowWallet reserves right to modify content contained in this agreement without prior notice to you, including but not limited to any policies or guidelines of ShadowWallet. If you continues to use ShadowWallet software and Services after such modification of content, you are deemed to have reviewed, acknowledged and accepted such modification and you agree to be bound by the terms hereof and such modification continually. We will publish the revised terms, and any changes will take effect immediately after it is updated or declared. If you do not agree any terms hereof and its modification from time to time, please stop using ShadowWallet immediately. We hope you review this agreement often to make sure that you understand the terms and conditions applicable to your access and use of this service.

This agreement is jointly concluded between user of the service and ShadowWallet.This agreement shall have the validity of contract.

1. Terms of Service

1.1“Digital Currency”

It refers to all tokens that are circulated in ShadowWallet (including but not limited to BTC, LTC, XRP, ETC and ETH).

1.2“ShadowWallet ”

It refers to the digital asset transaction platform providing online digital currency trading service for users. In context of this agreement, "ShadowWallet" is the trading platform, which also refers to ShadowWallet manager.


It refers to ShadowWallet users who use ShadowWallet to trade digital currency, agree to the terms of this agreement and agree to update laws and regulations issued by ShadowWallet.

1.4“Create Account" ”

It refers to the process that users enter into ShadowWallet, fill in required information and agree to fulfil user license agreement.

1.5“Digital Currency Transaction”

Users trade digital currency through ShadowWallet.

1.6“Recharge Payment”

It refers to digital currency pre-charged by ShadowWallet users.

1.7“Service Fee”

It refers to transaction fee, withdrawal Fee and transfer Fee in ShadowWallet.

2. Create Account

2.1  Create Account Qualification
You promise: You have full capacity for civil rights and civil conduct. If you do not have and click “Create Account” button, ShadowWallet deem you to be approved by your legal agent to use ShadowWallet service.

2.2  Create Account Purpose.
You promise: The purpose of creation is not for violating laws or undermining order of ShadowWallet.

2.3  Create Account Flow
2.3.1  You agrees to provide required information in Create Account page, then sets up account name and password. You should ensure all provided information is authenticity, integrity and accuracy.
2.3.2   If you has got secret key, it is deemed that you registered successfully.
2.3.3  Once registered successfully, you will get account name, password, wallet file, public key and secret key. Then you will take full responsibility for account security, password security, wallet security and all activities belong to your account.

2.4.  Create Account Statement
2.4.1  The account name shall comply with relevant laws and regulations, and conform to network ethics, and should not contain any words that insult, threaten, obscenity, abuse the legitimate rights and interests of others.
2.4.2  If you lost account file, you can find back by secret key. If you find any invalid account name or any other security breach, you should inform ShadowWallet immediately.

3.  Customer service

3.1  Service Content

3.1.1  You have right to browse real-time quotation and transaction information of digital currency, and have the right to submit trading instructions and complete the transaction through ShadowWallet.
3.1.2  You have right to view your account information, and have right to use the functions provided by ShadowWallet.
3.1.3  You have right to participate in activities of ShadowWallet.
3.1.4  You have right to use other services promised by ShadowWallet.

3.2  Service Rule

You promise to follow service rules below:
3.2.1   You shall comply with laws, regulations, normative documents and policy requirements. You shall ensure the legitimacy of funds in account. You shall not use ShadowWallet service to engage in illegal or other activities damage to ShadowWallet or third party's rights activities.
3.2.2  You shall properly keep the security of their account, password, private key and wallet file. You shall take full responsibility for any consequences of using their account, password, private key, and wallet file. When you find your wallet account, password, private key and wallet file used by unauthorized users, or have other security problems, You shall notice ShadowWallet immediately and apply to a moratorium on account services. ShadowWallet has right to deal with your application within reasonable time, and it does not take any responsibility for losses that you have suffered before ShadowWallet taking action.
3.2.3   You shall comply with update agreement and other service terms released by ShadowWallet.

4.   Transaction Rule

You promise to follow the transaction rules below.
4.1  Browse transaction information.
While browsing digital currency transaction information on ShadowWallet, You shall read all the information carefully, including but not limited to digital currency price, amount and fees. You shall agree to entire contents included, and then click button to trade.
4.2  Submit entrustment order
If you have no doubt about transaction information, you can submit the entrustment. After submission, ShadowWallet has right to complete dealmaking automatically without informing you in advance.
4.3  View transaction details.
You can view details in transaction history to confirm your transaction records.
4.4  Cancel entrustment order
You has right to cancel entrustment orders at any time before dealmaking.

5.  Users' responsibilities and obligations

5.1  You have right to use digital currency trading service provided by ShadowWallet in accordance with this agreement.
5.2   You have right to terminate use of ShadowWallet service at any time.
5.3  You have right to withdraw the balance at any time, but shall pay the fee to ShadowWallet.
5.4  You shall not interfere with digital currency normal transactions and destroy trading order by any means maliciously.
5.5  If you have lawsuits with other users on online transactions, you shall not require ShadowWallet to provide relevant information without through judicial or administrative means.
5.6  You shall not create multiple accounts maliciously, including but not limited to profit-making, speculation, cash-out, awards, etc. You shall not embezzle other user accounts.
5.7  You shall not disparage goodwill of ShadowWallet maliciously in any way.

6.  ShadowWallet's responsibilities and obligations

6.1  ShadowWallet has right to correct wrong information once found.
6.2  ShadowWallet reserve the right to modify, suspend or terminate provided services. For execution of power, ShadowWallet does not need to inform you in advance. If ShadowWallet terminates one or more services, it will take effect on the date of termination notice posted on website.
6.3  ShadowWallet shall take technical and management measures to guarantee normal operation of ShadowWallet. Moreover, ShadowWallet shall provide reliable environment and maintain the order of digital currency trading.
6.4  ShadowWallet shall protect the safety of your assets in ShadowWallet account by strengthening technical and improving safety measures. Moreover, if security risk can foresee, ShadowWallet has the obligation to inform you in advance.
6.5  ShadowWallet has right to keep your information during this agreement and after termination of this agreement. But ShadowWallet shall not illegal use of those information
6.6  ShadowWallet has right to delete all kinds of information that are not in accordance with national laws and regulations, etc. For execution of power, ShadowWallet does not need to inform you in advance.
6.7  For account in violation of this agreement, ShadowWallet has right to take all measures, including but not limited to suspension or seizure of user account, and even affixing user legal responsibilities, etc.
6.8  ShadowWallet has right to review and supervise your use of the software and services, including the contens which you store in the platform. If you violate any provisions herein, ShadowWallet reserves the right to require users to correct such acts or take all necessary measures (including but not limited to the right to suspend or terminate the user's use of the software and service) to mitigate the impact of the user's misconduct.

7.  Special statement

7.1  Within the scope of law, ShadowWallet will not take responsibility for user losses suffered by service termination or service delay caused by information network equipment maintenance, network connection failure, computer or other system failures, power failures, strikes, labor disputes, riots, insurrection, fire, flood, storm, explosion, war, government behavior, command of administrative organs or other force majeure.

8.  Intellectual property

8.1  8.1 Contents published on ShadowWallet including but are not limited to: text reports, pictures, audios, videos, charts, logos, symbols, advertisements, trademarks, trade names, domain names, softwares, programs, layout, and any or all information provided for registered users, are owned by ShadowWallet or can be legitimately use. Any media, websites or individuals must not reprint, edit or use other ways to make use of the contents mentioned above without written authorization or consent from relevant obligees. For those with authorization or consent, contents shall be used within the scope of authorization or consent and ShadowWallet shall be indicated as the source.
8.2  All rights contained in ShadowWallet shall be owned by ShadowWallet owner.
8.3  Your acceptance of this agreement is deemed to transfer rights of released information to ShadowWallet, including but not limited to: copy rights, distribution rights, right of rental, exhibition, presentation, broadcasting, transmission right, translation rights, and other negotiable rights of the copyright owner. ShadowWallet has rights on any subject infringement lawsuit alone and get full compensation.
8.4  While using ShadowWallet service, you shall not illegal use intellectual property rights of ShadowWallet and others. You are not allowed to publish or authorize information published in ShadowWallet to other websites or media.

9.  Changing, Interruption or Termination of Service

9.1  Considering the particularity of internet service, you agree that ShadowWallet reserves the right to change, interrupt or terminate part or all of the internet services (including online trade service) at any time. When internet service is changed, interrupted or terminated, ShadowWallet shall neither have the need to notify you of the change, nor bear any responsibility for any user or any third party.
9.2  After termination of this agreement, you have no right to request ShadowWallet to continue providing any services.

10.  Privacy

10.1  When creating account to use ShadowWallet service, you will be required to provide personal information, which will be kept secret. Without your permission, ShadowWallet guarantees that we will not disclose publicly or provide your registration information and the private content stored on ShadowWallet servers when using our network service to any third party, except for the following cases: When ShadowWallet must comply with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, including when relevant state authorities query, we’ll provide users’ registration information, stored data and operation records on ShadowWallet as required.

11.   Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

11.1  This Agreement applies to the laws of Republic of Singapore and excludes the application of laws and regulations that conflict. If there were any disputes, the user and ShadowWallet agree to submit the disputes to the jurisdiction of the people’s court where ShadowWallet is located.

12.   Disclaimer

12.1  You clearly agree that you will undertake all the risks and consequences by using the service entirely by yourself, ShadowWallet shall assume no responsibility for you.
12.2   For any information provided by ShadowWallet (including but is not limited to those which are published officially, acquired externally or published by those invited by ShadowWallet), ShadowWallet does not guarantee that it is completely real-time or completely accurate, nor does it indicate that ShadowWallet confirms its description or agrees with it. All the content is for reference only and does not constitute any investment advice or other opinions for practical operation, you will bear all the responsibilities for the consequences caused by operating accordingly.
12.3  ShadowWallet does not guarantee that the service can definitely meet your requirements, nor the timeliness, security and accuracy of service and will it not be interrupted. For network service interruption, data loss, data corruption or other defects caused by various reasons, ShadowWallet assumes no responsibility.
12.4  You clearly agree that the risk of using ShadowWallet will be undertaken by yourself. For all registration information, names, identities, phone numbers and other behaviors, ShadowWallet refuses to provide any guarantee.
12.5   You agree that for accidental leakage of user data caused by hacker attacks, floods, storms, droughts, earthquakes, war, blockade, government ban or other force majeure, ShadowWallet bears no responsibility.
12.6  You agree to take full responsibilities for economic losses caused by enactment or modification of national laws, regulations and normative documents.

13.   Liability for breach of agreement.

13.1  The party shall bear liability for breach of agreement with the non-breaching party in violation of this agreement.
13.2  You agree to compensate for the loss of ShadowWallet caused by your activities, including but not limit to providing incomplete or inaccurate information, engaging in illegal activities, interfering with other users, etc.
13.3  If you disparage goodwill of ShadowWallet maliciously in any way, ShadowWallet has right to demand apology and compensation from you.
13.4  ShadowWallet has right to terminate services, suspend or remove your accounts in case of your breach of agreement.

14.  Dispute resolution

14.1  If you and ShadowWallet have disputation for this agreement, two parties shall be solved through consultation friendly. If disputation still could not be solved, either party shall have right to submit to arbitration commission.

15.  Right of Interpretation

15.1  Once published, the agreement takes effect immediately.
15.2  In the maximum extent permitted by law, ShadowWallet reserves final right to interpret the terms of service.